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Loyalty Program for Clients and Staff

Plastic Cards or Instant email Rewarding systems for your Staff, Clients that deserves to be recognized.

Cards – Loyalty, Gift, Membership, Photo ID, Referral, VIP, Discount, and Smart

Loyalty cards are a great way to incentivize your clients to buy more or reward your staff for great performance.

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Loyalty card – Loyalty cards are a great way to reward your clients for repeat patronage.

Gift Cards – Gift cards are a great way to introduce new customers to your business. Your existing customers will act as sales people for your business by purchasing the Gift Cards to give to friends and family on special occasions.

Membership cards – Make your Members feel special and valued by issuing them with a membership card that proudly displays your membership club name and logo.

Photo ID Cards – Photo ID cards are a great way to ensure your staff are easily identified by your customers, and at the same time, advertise your brand.

Referral Cards – We all know that the best kind of new business is referral business, so why not encourage your existing, already satisfied customers, to be your sales team by asking them to refer their family and friends to your business.

VIP Cards – VIP cards are a great way to reward your ~Very Important Customers~ for repeat patronage.

Discount Cards – Discount cards are a great way to reward loyal customers and generate repeat business. They can be used as a ‘show and save’ style card, or be incorporated into your POS program if you have one.

Smart Cards – Smart cards are becoming increasingly popular. Although more costly than a traditional plastic card, the embedded chip enables data to be securely written as well as read. This updated information then becomes available to other readers, without the terminals being directly networked.

E Gifts – Instant Rewarding System

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